The Body of Christopher Creed relates the story of the mysterious disappearance of a high school outcast. Christopher Creed is the boy no one likes, the boy the popular kids bully and tease, the boy that never seems to fit in with any of the high school cliques. When Christopher Creed disappears, however, he captures the attention of the entire town, and he upsets the lives of those who tormented him. Creed's disappearance has a profound effect on Torey Adams, Steepleton high school's popular football star. Torey makes a mission out of trying to discover what happened to his classmate, and in the process discovers important truths about the impact his actions have on the lives of others.

Torey begins his mission by attempting to decipher a cryptic e-mail message Christopher Creed left on his computer. The message reveals both the anguish the boy felt about his inability to be accepted and the envy he felt towards the boys who seemed to have everything going for them. After Creed disappears, Torey begins to see the boy he tormented in a different light. Though Torey has his reasons for wanting to solve the mystery of what happened to his classmate, the answers he receives have far more significance to his own life than he possibly imagined. This chilling tale of a young boy's disappearance offers an insightful look at human nature, the fallacy of appearances, and the fine line between good and evil.

(The entire section is 242 words.)