SUMMER: Chapter 10 and Chapter 11 (Looklookherecomes…) Questions and Answers

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Chapter 10
Chapter11 (Looklookherecomesafriendthefriendwillplaywithjanetheywill playagoodgameplayjaneplay)

Study Questions
1. What do Claudia and Frieda think about until they hear that Pecola is pregnant?

2. How long does it take for Claudia and Frieda to realize that Pecola is pregnant?

3. What type of “law” do the women say there should be against Cholly’s actions?

4. What is Claudia’s “only handicap”?

5. How long do the sisters promise to be good if God lets the baby live?

6. What reason does Pecola give for other people turning away from her?

7. How does Pecola’s madness protect her from other people?

8. What did grown people do to Pecola after the baby was born?

9. What did children do to her?

10. Who loved Pecola?

1. Claudia and Frieda think about the money that they will make from the seeds and the bicycle that they would buy with the money. Because of this, it takes them longer to realize that Pecola is pregnant.

2. Claudia and Frieda realize that the pregnant girl is Pecola after half-listening to two or three conversations.

3. One woman says that there should be a law against “two ugly people doubling up … to make more ugly.”

4. According to Claudia, size was the only reason that they could be picked on and bullied by others.

5. Claudia and Frieda promise to be good for an entire month.

6. Pecola thinks that other people turn away because they are jealous of her blue eyes.

7. The people of Lorain stopped making fun of Pecola because they became bored with her.

8. Grown people always looked away.

9. Children simply laughed at her.

10. In addition to the Maginot Line and Cholly Breedlove, it is clear from Claudia’s words that she, too, had loved Pecola.

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