Which Hollywood stars does Mr. Henry compare Claudia and her sister to in The Bluest Eye?

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Toni Morrison's novel The Bluest Eye is the now famous author's debut novel. Published in 1970, it takes up the themes of rape, racism, and prejudice as it tells the tale of Pecola Breedlove, a foster child in the home of the the MacTeers. Pecola grows up alongside the two MacTeer daughters, Claudia and Frieda. Pecola is perennially shunned by all but her foster sisters and Mr. Henry Washington, a tenant in the household.

Mr. Henry is somewhat enigmatic when he arrives at the MacTeer household, as he has never been married. His reputation is that of a man with steady, hard-working habits and quiet ways. The two sisters watch him as he unpacks his belongings. In his first address to the girls, he says, "You must be Greta Garbo and you must be Ginger Rogers." He then offers the girls a penny.

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