The Bluest Eye WINTER: Chapter 5 (Seethecatitgoesmeow…) Summary and Analysis

Toni Morrison

WINTER: Chapter 5 (Seethecatitgoesmeow…) Summary and Analysis

Chapter 5 (Seethecatitgoesmeowmeowcomeandplaycomeplaywithjane thekittenwillnotplayplayplaypla)

New Characters
Louis Junior: a light-skinned black boy who invites Pecola back to his house

Geraldine: Louis Junior’s mother

There is a type of woman who lives in Lorain but comes from one of the bigger cities of America. This type of woman has dedicated her life to her own appearance, her education, and her family life. She has lived hoping that she will marry so that she may possess a house and a yard. Once she is married, she will become the head of the household and preserve this title at the expense of her own family. This type of woman has...

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