The Bluest Eye SPRING: Chapter 9 (Seethedogbowwow…) Summary and Analysis

Toni Morrison

SPRING: Chapter 9 (Seethedogbowwow…) Summary and Analysis

Chapter 9 (Seethedogbowwowgoesthedogdoyouwanttoplaydoyouwant toplaywithjaneseethedogrunr)

New Characters
Soaphead Church (Elihue Whitcomb): a child molester who works as a “spiritual guide” for the people of Lorain

Velma: Elihue’s wife for a brief period of time

Elihue Whitcomb was a person who always seemed to prefer the company of objects rather than people. However, his dislike for others could only mean that he would be in a profession that serves others. Although he briefly considered becoming a priest, he decided against it, instead choosing to be an analyst and interpreter of dreams. He enjoyed his job immensely because he could...

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