The Bluest Eye SPRING: Chapter 8 (Seefatherheisbigand…) Summary and Analysis

Toni Morrison

SPRING: Chapter 8 (Seefatherheisbigand…) Summary and Analysis

Chapter 8 (Seefatherheisbigandstrongfatherwillyouplaywithjanefatheris smilingsmilefathersmilesmile)

New Characters
Aunt Jimmy: the aunt of Cholly’s mother, who had abandoned Cholly right after he was born; raised Cholly herself

Blue Jack: an old man who worked at the feed store with Cholly; he used to entertain Cholly with stories

M’Dear: a respected midwife who also prescribed home remedies for the ladies of the town

O. V.: Aunt Jimmy’s brother

Jake: an older cousin who tries to pick up girls with Cholly

Darlene: Cholly’s first girlfriend

Samson Fuller: Cholly’s father


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