The Bluest Eye SPRING: Chapter 7 (Seemothermotherisvery…) Summary and Analysis

Toni Morrison

SPRING: Chapter 7 (Seemothermotherisvery…) Summary and Analysis

Chapter 7 (Seemothermotherisverynicemotherwillyouplaywithjane motherlaughslaughmotherlaughla)

New Characters
Ada and Fowler Williams: Pauline Breedlove’s parents

Chicken and Pie Williams: Pauline’s younger twin brothers

Ivy: a singer in Pauline’s childhood church

The Fishers: the family that hires Mrs. Breedlove as a maid

Ever since Pauline Williams was a child, she felt inadequate because of her crippled foot. A childhood injury left her with a deformity and means of identification, but she felt that no one paid her attention. She was the only child in her large family that did not have a nickname, no one told...

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