How does Marilee's mentorship help Rabo attain a transformative experience?

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In Kurt Vonnegut's Bluebeard, Marilee's role as a mentor to Rabo ultimately helps him to attain a transformative experience when she secures him a position as the apprentice of Dan Gregory, a famous artist.

Rabo Karabekian's parents are Armenian immigrants, and Dan Gregory, originally Dan Gregorian, is an artist of Armenian origin who is now immensely wealthy and successful. Rabo's mother persuades him to write to Gregory and ask for an apprenticeship. When Rabo does so, his letter is answered by Marilee Kemp, Gregory's mistress, and this becomes the foundation of a long correspondence. Marilee encourages Rabo in his art and sends him expensive supplies which she steals from Gregory.

Eventually, Gregory invites Rabo to be his apprentice. This is the event that transforms Rabo's life, paving the way for him to become a celebrated artist in his own right. What he does not know at the time is that when Gregory discovered Marilee had been stealing his art supplies, he pushed her down a flight of stairs. His invitation to Rabo was a form of apology to Marilee for this act of violence.

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