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Bloomability takes place at an international boarding school in Lugano, Switzerland, just like the one where Creech taught. Aunt Sandy and Uncle Max have just taken over the school, and they take thirteen-year-old Domenica Santolina Doone, also known as Dinnie, from her "home" in the United States to stay with them in Switzerland for the year. Although Dinnie is accustomed to change— her father moves the family around often while he searches for "opportunities"— she is not sure if she is ready to face this sort of upheaval. Her parents call this an opportunity, but she is not so sure. All of a sudden, she is surrounded by young people from different cultures speaking various languages and sharing various beliefs, while she is trying to adjust to life in a foreign country. However, her new friendships open her eyes to thoughts and experiences that she never could have imagined, and the beauty of Switzerland unlocks new dreams and mysteries inside of Dinnie. What she learns there, both in and out of the classroom, becomes a part of herself, and Switzerland becomes more than a temporary home. Through her experiences, Dinnie discovers the beauty of nature, her place in the world, the value of friendship, and that life is fill of exciting "bloomabilities."

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