Historical Context

Environmental Awareness
‘‘The animals we once used began killing most of our eggs after implantation long before your...

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Bloodchild Literary Style

The Science Fiction Genre
The particular stylistic features that shape ‘‘Bloodchild’’ must be understood in terms of the...

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Bloodchild Compare and Contrast

1980s: A chemical test to determine whether life exists on Mars renders inconclusive results.

1990s: A meteorite...

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Bloodchild Topics for Further Study

Do you think that the Tlic’s use of humans to incubate their eggs is moral? Find evidence from the story to support or criticize the...

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Bloodchild What Do I Read Next?

Dawn (1987), the first book of Octavia Butler’s acclaimed Xenogenesis trilogy, takes place after a war on Earth has decimated the...

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Bloodchild Bibliography and Further Reading

Butler, Octavia. Bloodchild and Other Stories, New York: Four Walls Eight Windows, 1995.


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Bloodchild Bibliography

(Masterpieces of American Literature)

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