Sample Essay Outlines

  • Topic #1
    The definition of “Tragedy” has changed over time. In it’s original Greek conception, a tragedy specifically refers to a drama where the protagonist is foretold a terrible fate that awaits him. The very actions he takes to avoid the fate, however, actually make him fulfill it. García Lorca was well aware of this classical conception of tragedy, and his rural trilogy, which includes Blood Wedding, makes constant use of omens and alludes to the unavoidability of destiny. Blood Wedding is a classical tragedy in that the protagonist and other characters are predestined to fulfill doomed fates, no matter how they try to escape. Show, with illustrations from the text, how characters in Blood Wedding cannot escape the destiny that awaits them and is hinted at throughout the play.

    I. Thesis Statement: There is a sense of repetition and omen in Blood Wedding where many characters are destined to suffer the same fate as their parents.

    II. The Bridegroom’s father was murdered by members of the Felix family.
    A. The Mother constantly mentions the murders of her husband and brother.
    B. Leonardo Felix is responsible for the Bridegroom’s death.

    III. The brides do not always love their spouse and vice versa.
    A. The Bride’s mother did not love her husband. Neither will the Bride. The impending marriage has more to do with material gain and increased status in society than love. The Bride does not love the Bridegroom.
    B. The Wife is doomed to not be loved by her husband, Leonardo, just as her mother was not loved by her father.

    IV. Conclusion: García Lorca has created a typical tragedy in which the characters, although they try their best, cannot escape the fate that awaits them. The play's omens and ominous symbols foretell of...

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