Topics for Further Study

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Research the O.J. Simpson murder trial. How was that case similar to the Lizzie Borden case? How was it different?

Investigate the facts of the actual Lizzie Borden murder case. How consistent are the facts with the way the material is presented in the play? What do you think Pollock was trying to communicate?

Look up the concept of documentary theatre. Come up with a list of essential elements for this approach. How well does Blood Relations fulfill these requirements?

Research recent crime cases in which women were acquitted for violent crimes that they most obviously had committed. What are the similarities between these cases and the Lizzie Borden case that is presented in Blood Relations?

Investigate the history of women's rights in the U.S. Make a timeline of the major events. If Lizzie Borden had been living today, how might her situation have been different?

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