The Blood of the Lamb Analysis
by Peter De Vries

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The Blood of the Lamb Analysis

Blood of the Lamb by Peter De Vries is a novel whose main theme is death. The book focuses on Don Wanderhope and his daughter, Carol. Don Wanderhope, who is also the narrator, tells the story of her daughter’s fight with cancer. It is noteworthy that the story told by the main character is similar to what the author experienced a year prior to publishing the novel. Furthermore, the story is set in the same place where De Vries spent his childhood, Chicago.

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I found several scenes in the book to be hilarious—a case in point is a scene where Wanderhope is found in bed with his girlfriend by her parents. Conversely, the author uses satire and comedy to reveal the theme of death. The death of Carol in the second half of the book results in the narrator questioning the existence of God.