Topics for Further Study

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Read another of Katherine’s Mansfield’s London stories, such as ‘‘Marriage à la Mode.’’ Then compare Mansfield’s use of satire and imagery in the stories, as well as her presentation of characters and relationships. Which story do you think is more successful? Why?

In ‘‘Bliss,’’ Mansfield mentions several poems and plays. Locate and read one of these ‘‘modern’’ poems and plays of the early 1920s. How does this poem or play relate to the themes of Mansfield’s story? Does it add to your understanding of that era? In what way?

J. F. Kobler wrote, ‘‘A first-time reader of a Mansfield story may have similar feelings of bliss while experiencing the story and may well not understand their source.’’ Write a paragraph describing your initial reactions after reading ‘‘Bliss’’ for the first time.

Mansfield drew on her intimate knowledge of the bohemian London art scene to write ‘‘Bliss.’’ Based on this story, what are your perceptions of the scene and the people who populated this segment of society?

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