Bliss Carman Further Reading - Essay

Further Reading

(Poetry Criticism)


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A selection of the personal correspondences of Carman from throughout his life.

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Covers Carman's early years in New Brunswick, his education and his search for recognition in the United States.

Stephens, Donald. Bliss Carman. New York: Twayne Publishers, 1966, 144 pp.

The classic biography of Carman. Stephens admits that he does not consider Carman a great poet, but acknowledges his profound influence on Canadian national literature.


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A collection of critical essays on Carman, from the perspective of a century after his initial publications.

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Pell assesses Bliss Carman: A Reappraisal (1990), a collection of essays on Carman, edited by Gerald Lynch.

Additional coverage of Carman's life and career is contained in the following sources published by the Gale Group: Contemporary Authors, Vols. 104, 152; Dictionary of Literary Biography, Vol. 92; DISCovering Authors: Canadian; and Twentieth Century Literary Criticism, Vol. 7.