The Blind Assassin Characters

  • Iris Chase, an elderly woman who writes her family's history in the hopes of reconnecting with her estranged granddaughter.
  • Laura Chase, Iris's younger sister, who kills herself after learning of the death of Alex Thomas, who is killed in combat in World War II.
  • Alex Thomas, a socialist union organizer whom Laura and Iris hide after he's accused of inciting arson at the button factory. Iris and Alex have a daughter, Aimee.
  • Captain Norval Chase, Iris and Laura's father, who drinks himself to death after his button factory is closed.
  • Richard Griffen, Iris's husband, who breaks his promise to save the button factory and later forces Laura to have an abortion after molesting her.
  • Winifred Griffen Price, Richard's sister, who controls the family funds and later takes custody of Aimee.
  • Reenie Hincks, the Chases' servant.
  • Myra Sturgess, Reenie's daughter, who cares for Iris in her old age.
  • Aimee, Iris's daughter, a drug addict who dies at a young age.
  • Sabrina, Iris's granddaughter, for whom Iris writes her second book.


Iris Chase

Iris is the protagonist of The Blind Assassin and the author of the two books within the novel, The Blind Assassin (attributed to Laura Chase) and the family history that surrounds it. Iris is born the daughter of a wealthy businessman, Captain Chase, who owns a successful button factory in Port Ticonderoga, Canada. Throughout her childhood and adolescence, Iris lives at the family estate of Avilion with her father, her sister Laura, and her servant Reenie (her mother died while giving birth to Laura). During the Great Depression, the family's fortunes are depleted. To save the factory, Iris agrees to an arranged marriage with Richard Griffen, a duplicitous older businessman who breaks his promise to Iris' father and allows the button factory to close. With no money of her own, Iris is forced to stay with Richard even though she doesn't love him. She has an affair with Alex Thomas, a socialist rabble rouser she met in her youth, and has a daughter, Aimee, by him, lying to Richard about the baby's paternity. Laura moves in with Iris and Richard, but her behavior becomes erratic. Only later does Iris learn that Richard raped Laura and had her institutionalized in order to cover up her abortion. After Laura kills herself, Iris writes and publishes the novel The Blind Assassin under Laura's name. This reopens the investigation into Laura's death, which uncovers Richard's duplicity. His political career ruined, Richard kills himself. His sister Winifred uses Iris' habit of taking lovers to take Aimee away from her. Iris grows old alone with only Myra Sturgess, Reenie's daughter, for company. In her old age, she writes a second book, her family's history, meant for her granddaughter Sabrina.

Laura Chase

Iris' little sister Laura is three and a half years younger than her. Laura is a strangely literal child and once bites her tongue because Reenie told her to, using an expression that actually means "be...

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