The Blind Assassin Part 9, Chapters 1-5 Summary

Margaret Atwood

Part 9, Chapters 1-5 Summary

Iris returns to writing her memoir. She remembers events from the spring of 1936—the year, she says, everything began to fall apart. Although Laura was living with Iris and Richard, Iris rarely saw her sister. Laura did not eat breakfast with Iris, as she left early for school. Richard would not allow Laura to walk to school for fear she might run away again, so he had a servant, Mr. Murgatroyd, drive her, further limiting Laura’s freedom. Iris notes that Laura was no longer obviously rude to Richard but she did do her best to avoid him. Whenever Richard entered a room, Laura would make a point of leaving.

Iris, in the meantime, was not faring very well. Her relationship with Richard was constantly overseen and...

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