The Blind Assassin Part 7, Chapters 5-7 Summary

Margaret Atwood

Part 7, Chapters 5-7 Summary

Concerned that Richard would take everything from his daughters, Mr. Chase had left all his money to Laura. If he had left any to Iris, Richard would have taken it. However, there was not much money remaining by the time of his death, and Laura was still a minor. Therefore, Laura was forced to live with Richard and Iris.

This plan did not suit Laura. On the day she was to arrive in Toronto, only her suitcases appeared via the train. Several days later, through a police investigation that Richard made sure was kept private, Laura was found working as a waitress at a beach resort. Richard brought her home and warned her that if she ever ran away again, he would put her into a school for “wayward girls.”


(The entire section is 545 words.)