The Blind Assassin Part 7, Chapters 1-4 Summary

Margaret Atwood

Part 7, Chapters 1-4 Summary

Iris narrates this section as she recalls memories of her youth. She is rummaging through an old trunk filled with papers that she claims are Laura’s. Copies of Laura’s book, The Blind Assassin, are in the trunk, as are letters from people who have read Laura’s novel. Iris describes some of these letters as hate mail. When Iris sees the copies of the book, she remembers receiving six of them when the book was first published. She gave one copy to Richard, her husband. She at first assumes Richard probably tore the book into pieces and then burned it. However, she then remembers that Winifred discovered the book next to Richard’s body when he was found dead on his yacht—Winifred had told Iris that it was the book...

(The entire section is 582 words.)