The Blind Assassin Part 6, Chapters 1-7 Summary

Margaret Atwood

Part 6, Chapters 1-7 Summary

The unnamed man in Laura’s story has found a new place to hide. He is in a room waiting for the woman to arrive. While he waits, he thinks about a new idea for a story he wants to write about extraterrestrials who come to Earth to explore life on this planet. The aliens are made of crystal and expect that living creatures on Earth will look like them. They are disappointed when they get to the planet and find no one that resembles them. They are so focused on finding crystal beings that they fail to recognize humans as living. The man makes his living by writing this type of story, though he thinks his stories are no better than junk. Finally the woman arrives, bringing with her the man’s mail as well as a bottle of booze.

When the man goes out briefly, the woman looks through his personal belongings. She does not want him to know she is snooping. However, she wants to know more about him. She finds a driver’s licence, but it contains someone else’s name.

Upon returning, the man narrates more of his story of the blind assassin. The assassin makes it into the sacrificial woman’s room. He, of course, cannot see her. He asks if he can touch her face, so he can “see” her through touch. The girl agrees. Upon touching her, the man’s emotions are aroused. His touch is so gentle that the woman begins to trust him. In this way, the assassin and the girl fall in love.

The unnamed woman is surprised that the man (the narrator of the story) is incorporating a love story into his novel. She teases him because previously he had been very critical of any expressions of love in his writing. The man says he is not to be blamed for this turn of events in his writing. Those kinds of things happen in novels.

At this point, there is another break in the novel for another news story. The article is dated in 1935 and concerns Laura Chase. According to the news, Laura was missing for a week. She had been staying with her sister, Iris, and Iris’s new husband, Richard. The article claims that Laura was found at the summer cottage of a friend. Upon finding her, Richard released a statement that avowed that the incident was caused by miscommunication.

The story then resumes with the unnamed man and woman. The man continues his tale about the assassin. The blind assassin is determining whether to kill the sacrificial female or take her with him. He decides on the latter. They sneak out of the tower. He does not know where to go; he cannot go back to his friends for he fears they will kill the woman.