The Blind Assassin Part 5, Chapters 7-9 Summary

Margaret Atwood

Part 5, Chapters 7-9 Summary

Unemployed men had formed a camp near the railroad in Iris’s hometown. Alex Thomas was often seen at the camp. Laura was also seen there on occasion with Alex. A local newspaper reporter came to the Chase house and told Reenie that he had noticed Laura hanging out with Alex, who was known as a union sympathizer. The reporter had also witnessed Laura smoking with the young man.

Iris, who was now following her father to work at the Button Factory in order to learn the business, was too busy to keep track of Laura. Even if she had had the time, she knew her sister no longer listened to her advice. However, she did talk to Laura about Alex, and she asked what her intentions were. Laura told Iris that she was trying to...

(The entire section is 607 words.)