The Blind Assassin Part 5, Chapters 4-6 Summary

Margaret Atwood

Part 5, Chapters 4-6 Summary

To better educate his young daughters, Mr. Chase, hired private tutors for them. Iris and Laura did not like their tutors. One female teacher was too timid and allowed the girls to do whatever they wanted. The girls felt bored by the woman’s lack of effort and often slipped away from her and snuck downtown. Another tutor, a Mr. Erskine, was very strict and often punished the girls by slapping their hands with a ruler. When the girls complained to Reenie, she was furious but did nothing. Reenie knew it would do no good to complain to Mr. Chase, who tended not to believe his own daughters’ stories. However, when Laura told Reenie that Mr. Erskine had tried to slip his hands into her underpants, Reenie went to Mr. Chase with...

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