The Blind Assassin Part 4, Chapters 1-9 Summary

Margaret Atwood

Part 4, Chapters 1-9 Summary

Part 4 returns to Laura’s novel. The woman in the story has just entered a café where she is to meet her lover. She is a little distracted. The café is not the type she would typically visit. When she sees the man, she feels disappointed in how he greets her. He criticizes the way she is dressed—or overdressed, in his opinion. He tells her she stands out as much as if she were wearing a mink coat. She counters by telling him that if she dressed as shabbily as some of the patrons of the café, those at her home would be very suspicious about where she was going. The man then tells her that her hair is too blonde. She concludes that the man is in a bad mood.

As their conversation continues, she asks if it is safe...

(The entire section is 644 words.)