The Blind Assassin Part 13, Chapters 1-4 Summary

Margaret Atwood

Part 13, Chapters 1-4 Summary

Iris returns to narrating her memoir. She references the beginning of World War II in 1939. At this time, she states, her marriage to Richard was already in trouble. She had suffered through two miscarriages since the birth of Aimee. Richard had affairs with several other women. Winifred later blamed Iris for Richard’s infidelities, stating that he acted thus because Iris’s health was so frail. Although he was unfaithful, Richard had no intention of divorcing Iris, however, because marriage provided him an image of stability in the business and political realm. This gave Iris what she refers to as a certain amount of power. She could pretend she did not know about his mistresses and thus retain the safety that his home and...

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