The Blind Assassin Part 11, Chapters 1-5 Summary

Margaret Atwood

Part 11, Chapters 1-5 Summary

When Laura turned seventeen, Winifred planned a debut for the teenager. However, Winifred did so without telling Laura about it. Iris tried to warn Winifred that Laura might not go along with her idea, but Winifred ignored Iris’s warnings. Winifred was determined to find a husband for Laura with or without the official societal debut. Winifred confided to Iris that she was hoping to find a rich bachelor who was too stupid to realize that Laura had psychological problems. When Iris asked Winifred what she thought Laura’s problems were, Winifred stated that Laura was a bit odd. For example, Laura had told Winifred a few days prior that she did not think marriage was very important. Laura had added that only love was necessary....

(The entire section is 651 words.)