The Blind Assassin Part 10, Chapters 1-6 Summary

Margaret Atwood

Part 10, Chapters 1-6 Summary

The unnamed woman feels lost without the unnamed man now that he is gone. One day she notices a story in a magazine that sounds very much like an excerpt from the novel the man had been telling her, the one about the blind assassin. The woman reads the magazine story and recognizes some of the names and the details. The name of the city in the story is Sakiel-Norn, the same as in the man’s novel. There are also barbarians about to launch an attack on the city, just as in his story. However, there is no blind assassin. There is also no sacrificial woman for the blind assassin to rescue. In other words, there is no love story. In its place is an invasion of space aliens called the Lizard Men. Due to the threat of the aliens, the...

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