At a Glance

Iris Chase writes her family's history for her estranged granddaughter, Sabrina. In this family history, she tells the story of her sister, Laura, a troubled young woman who committed suicide by driving off a bridge. Laura has since become famous thanks to the posthumous publication of her novel, The Blind Assassin.

  • Iris and Laura live with their parents at Avilion, the family estate. Captain Chase owns a button factory in Port Ticonderoga, Canada. During the Great Depression, the business fails, and Captain Chase arranges a marriage between eighteen-year-old Iris and Richard Griffen, a wealthy businessman who agrees to save the factory.
  • Griffen breaks his word, and the button factory closes while he and Iris are on their honeymoon. Captain Chase dies, but Richard hides this fact from Iris until they return. After her father's death, Laura's behavior becomes erratic. After a short stay in a mental hospital, Laura tells Iris that Richard forced her to have an abortion after impregnating her.
  • Laura commits suicide after learning of the death of Alex Thomas, a union organizer and Iris's lover. Iris takes her revenge on Richard by writing and publishing The Blind Assassin under Laura's name, sparking an investigation into Laura's death. Richard's political career is ruined, and he commits suicide. Near penniless, Iris loses custody of her daughter, who becomes a drug addict. Iris writes a second book in hopes of reconciling with her granddaughter.


(Critical Survey of Literature for Students)

Iris Chase Griffen, more than eighty years old and suffering from heart problems, begins writing the story of her life for her granddaughter Sabrina, whom she has not seen in years. She tells the story through flashbacks, with scenes from her present life mixed in. The story is not in chronological order.

Iris and her sister, Laura, grow up as the daughters of a wealthy button-factory owner in Port Ticonderoga, Canada. The family home, Avilion, is in decline from its grandest days. Iris’s mother dies in childbirth when Iris is nine years old and Laura is six years old. Reenie Hincks, a family servant, cares for the two girls. Their father’s business has increasing financial problems, which worsen with the Great Depression.

Iris and Laura are now teenagers, and their father’s girlfriend introduces them to Alex Thomas, a young union organizer and socialist activist. Soon after they meet, the factory workers riot, and the factory burns. Alex is suspected of instigating the trouble, and Iris and Laura hide him in their attic from the authorities.

Soon, Iris’s father explains to her that he expects Richard Griffen to propose to her and that he has already given his consent. Griffen, a wealthy industrialist from Toronto, is much older than Iris. Iris’s father says the marriage is the only way to save the family business and ensure that Laura will be provided for. After the wedding, Richard and Iris spend several months in Europe on their...

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