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David is the narrator of the story. He and his friends form a band they call The Blighters. They spend a summer driving around, dreaming of the future, courting girls, and making music. Ultimately he moves with his parents, works at UPS for awhile, and then goes to college to avoid the Vietnam draft.

Ziggy was hit in the head by Pepper while playing "It" and was never quite the same. He's optimistic and kind; he imagines that he sees saints until he's hit. After, he imagines that he sees famous people. He has wild dreams that he shares with his friends. He leaves Chicago to hitchhike to Kentucky where he hopes to be a monk. He says he's going to take a vow of silence.

Deejo enjoys making music so much that he buys an electric guitar and records his own 45. They play it on some of the jukeboxes at the local bars. He also tries to write a book. In the end, David hears that Deejo was drafted.

Pepper is in love with a girl named Linda. He tries to make her love him and is unsuccessful. She leaves Chicago for Texas and he joins the Marines. By the time the White Sox win the World Series, David says he's already at Parris Island. Pepper has a wild temper.

Linda is the girl Pepper loves. She hates him for picking flowers from her front lawn. According to David, the rumor is that she gets pregnant and moves to Texas with family. Pepper refers to her as the Unadulterated One.

Debbie is a girl David meets downtown. Like him, she plays the saxophone. He gets lost trying to find her house because the streets on the North side have names. On the South side, where he lives, they're numbered.