Chapters 60-63 Summary

After her search for Lady Dedlock, Esther becomes ill but not seriously. Mr. Jarndyce proposes that they stay in London so Esther can see Ada more often. He asks her casually if she likes Mrs. Woodcourt. Esther replies that she does, but she feels inward misgivings. She learns that Mr. Woodcourt will not be going overseas again but will take a post in Yorkshire, in the north of England.

Esther sees Ada daily but thinks Richard is getting worse. Mr. Vholes continues to prey upon him. She meets Miss Flite, who tells her that she has made Richard her executor because he has been at Chancery so much. Miss Flite confesses that she does not like Mr. Vholes. At dinner, Mr. Vholes tells Esther that he thinks Richard’s...

(The entire section is 556 words.)