Chapters 33-35 Summary

Mr. Weevle and Mr. Guppy meet at the local tavern, where a crowd has formed. They admit that they have been conspiring together but do not mention the letters they were to retrieve from Mr. Krook. Mr. Snagsby is present, too; he is startled to see Mrs. Snagsby glaring at him. The Smallweed family arrives and surprises everyone by announcing that Mr. Krook was Mrs. Snagsby’s only brother, and they have come to take possession of the property. Mr. Tulkinghorn, the Snagsbys’ lawyer, will take charge of the arrangements.

Mr. Guppy now has the unpleasant task of telling Lady Dedlock that he does not have the letters. When he arrives at her townhouse, she is on her way out to dinner but still receives him. She seems...

(The entire section is 540 words.)