Chapters 23-25 Summary

Esther sees Lady Dedlock only at church for the remainder of her visit; she believes her presence upsets Lady Dedlock in some way. Hortense offers her services as a maid to Esther, since she has left Lady Dedlock, but Esther says she keeps no maid. Richard visits often but is still clearly obsessed with Jarndyce and Jarndyce. He is not interested in pursuing a career in law after all and has decided to join the army.

Back in London, Esther visits Caddy Jellyby and goes with her to break the news of her engagement to Prince. At first Mr. Jellyby feigns dismay, but then he eagerly embraces the news once he learns that the young couple will make him their first priority. When Caddy tells her mother, she is upset at Mrs....

(The entire section is 533 words.)