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In discussing racial prejudice in America, Uncle Joe explains the difference in race relations in small towns versus big cities:

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And he also told Emma Lou, during one of their usual private talks, that it was only in small cities one encountered stupid color prejudice such as she had encountered among the blue vein circle in her home town. "People in large cities," he had said, "are broad. They do not have time to think of petty things. The people in Boise are fifty years behind the times, but you will find that Los Angeles is one of the world's greatest and most modern cities, and you will be happy there."

When Arline's brother comes to visit, he tells her he wants to go to a black club. Arline asks Emma Lou to accompany them, but Emma Lou explains that most black clubs have a predominantly white clientele:

"What?" Arline was genuinely surprised. "You in Harlem and never been to a cabaret? Why I thought all colored people went."

Emma Lou bristled. White people were so stupid. "No," she said firmly. "All colored people don't go. Fact is, I've heard that most of the places are patronized almost solely by whites."

One of the most culturally influential quotes to come from Thurman's book is "The blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice." This quote is a positive, reassuring statement regarding dark-skinned African women in a world were lighter skin was seen as more beautiful.

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