(Great Characters in Literature)

Characters Discussed

Gracián Palma

Gracián Palma (grah-see-AHN PAHL-mah), the ward of Don Jesús de Viscarra, to whose estate, Black Valley, he is taken for the summer. He becomes a member of and learns the secrets of Don Jesús’ turbulent family and his equally turbulent neighbors.

Don Jesús de Viscarra

Don Jesús de Viscarra (heh-SEWS deh bees-KAH-rrah), the guardian of Gracián Palma and owner of Black Valley. Engaged in a lifelong boundary dispute with a neighboring landowner, Don Pablo Camargo, he is shot and killed by his adversary after a lawsuit is decided in Don Jesús’ favor.


Mirra (MEE-rrah), Don Jesús de Viscarra’s daughter, who is in love with Gracián Palma.


Flavia (FLAH-vee-ah), the sister of Don Jesús. She is the mistress of Don Pablo Camargo and the mother of his daughter, Victoria.

Don Pablo Camargo

Don Pablo Camargo (kah-MAHR-goh), a neighbor of Don Jesús de Viscarra and his sworn enemy. He kills Don Jesús as the result of a boundary dispute. He is the lover of Don Jesús’ sister, Flavia, and the father of her daughter Victoria.


Victoria, the natural daughter of Flavia and Don Pablo. She marries Gracián Palma.


Lazarus, the overseer of Black Valley, who is in love with Flavia and the possessor of the secret of her affair with Don Pablo.


Amoroso (ah-mohr-OH-soh), the devoted servant of Flavia.


Pichana (pee-CHAH-nah), an old beggar woman.