What is the relationship between Daniel and Annuka in Black Robe?

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Daniel is torn between his desire for Annuka and his sense of guilt, as well as between the European and Algonkin ways of life.

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In Black Robe, the situation between Daniel and Annuka is very complicated in that, though they are very much in love, there are a number of obstacles in their path.

First and foremost, Daniel is hampered by feelings of guilt. Despite his being a Christian, Daniel nonetheless enters into a sexual relationship with Annuka, which wracks his conscience. The deeper he gets into his relationship with Annuka, the more guilty he feels, and thus the more certain he becomes that he's damned to hell.

There are also huge cultural gaps to consider. Daniel and Annuka come from completely different cultures that are regarded by most white Europeans, as well as most of Annuka's Algonkin tribe, as mutually incompatible.

Yet Daniel and Annuka are so very much in love, so utterly determined to be together, that they are prepared to overcome their cultural differences. For them, love conquers all. And if this means that Daniel becomes more Algonkin than European, then that's just fine by him.

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