Black No More Quotes
by George S. Schuyler

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Black No More is a 1931 satire in which a scientist, Dr. Crookman, invents a permanent, electrical process for turning black people white as an ostensible cure for society's problems. He markets his solution as more effective and permanent than creams and bleaches, and attracts Max and others who imagine living without confronting prejudice.

Max contemplates reasons for choosing to change race, wondering if he should be a pioneer.

think of getting white in three days! No more jim crow. No more insults. As a white man he could go anywhere, be anything he wanted to be, do most anything he wanted to do, be a free man at last.

Reasons that others follow suit are offered in a more general explanation for why some blacks would opt for the whitening process.

A lifetime of being Negroes in the United States had convinced them that there was great advantage in being white.

Schuyler contextualizes black perspectives with observations about racism based in the views of some poor white people:

Herein lay the fundamental cause of all their ills. Times were hard . . . because there were so many white Negroes in their midst taking their jobs and undermining their American standard of living. None of them had ever attained an American standard of living to be sure, but that fact never occurred to any of them.