Black Leopard, Red Wolf by Marlon James

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Black Leopard, Red Wolf is a 2019 novel by Jamaican author Marlon Jones. The story follows a character named Tracker, a man known for his impressive skills as a hunter, as he searches for a mysterious missing boy.

As he begins his search for the boy, Tracker teams up with other characters, against his usual hunting habits. Over the nine years he looks for the boy, he teams up with Nyka, a shapeshifter and a former lover of his, and Sangoma, a protective healer of lost children and another lover of Tracker's. Salogon the Moon Witch, a giant called Sadogo, and the soldier Mossi also join Tracker's team. All of the characters in Black Leopard, Red Wolf have their own secrets.

The story is told mostly by Tracker, who is narrating his life's story to a captive of his in a nonlinear fashion. There are underlying political tensions between the tribes Tracker travels between. Tracker's tale takes place over nine years, with him joining up with the other characters three years into his journey.

(The entire section is 337 words.)