The Black Cat Overview Quiz

  1. Things begin to go badly for the narrator, he says, when he becomes a victim of the Fiend

  2. One night the narrator cuts his cat's

  3. A "conflagration" is a 

  4. Which kind of animal did the narrator and his wife NOT have when they first got married?

  5. The police arrive at the narrator's house how many days after the murder?

  6. The narrator dislodges the bricks in the wall with

  7. When the wall was knocked down, the policemen saw the black cat

  8. The narrator says he is going to die when?

  9. The narrator's first black cat's name is

  10. The common superstition about black cats, which his wife believes, is that they are

  11. Where is the narrator when he finds his second black cat?

  12. Why does the narrator's wife accompany him to the cellar?

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