Why is Black Beauty no longer used as a workhorse?

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Black Beauty is no longer used as a workhorse because he's been bought by a kindly old gentleman farmer who intends for the horse to run freely in his meadows.

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After his many adventures, and after experiencing the appalling treatment that man so often metes out to animals, Black Beauty's days as a workhorse are finally over.

His last working assignment, as a cab horse, was arguably the toughest. As well as having his physical health damaged by being forced to adopt an unnatural posture, Beauty's mental well-being has been undermined by the sad sight of his friend Ginger after so much abuse. The last time Beauty sees Ginger—or at least thinks he sees him—his friend is dead, his lifeless body unceremoniously dumped on a cart.

Thank goodness, then, that Beauty's days as a workhorse are well and truly over. He's put up for sale at a horse fair, where he's bought by a kindly old gentleman farmer. The farmer knows that the horse has seen better days but wants to take him back to his farm, where he will allow him to run freely in his meadows.

The old man's not sure that he can make Black Beauty young again, as his grandson Willie would like him to do, and as he did with another horse, Ladybird, but he can certainly give this magnificent creature a whole new lease of life.

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