What are the main events in Black Beauty?

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The main events in Black Beauty include Beauty's birth and early life with Farmer Grey, his sale to Squire Gordon at Birtwick Park where he has a mostly happy life, and a series of increasingly harsh owners after Gordon's move to a warmer climate. Beauty suffers injuries and mistreatment until he is sold to Jerry, a kind owner. His suffering continues after Jerry is forced to sell him, but eventually, Beauty is rescued by a farmer and his grandson, who nurse him back to health and sell him to a family that treats him well.

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The following events are what I would consider to be the main events of Black Beauty.

I would say that Beauty's birth should be the first main event in any list, as the story would not exist without Beauty's birth. Your list may include anything that you find of...

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importance from Beauty's early life while owned by Farmer Grey.

Next should be Beauty's sale to Squire Gordon at Birtwick Park. Beauty's life here is wonderful more often than not, and he meets a lot of other great horses. The stable fire could make a list of important parts as would Beauty's night ride to fetch the doctor.

Squire Gordon is forced to move to warmer climates and sell Beauty. The next few owners at this point are less than great. Beauty is injured and permanently scarred, and that forces him to no longer be a carriage horse.

Beauty is eventually sold to Jerry, and Beauty is finally once again in the hands of a loving owner. His time with Jerry is short-lived, as Jerry is forced to move to the country and sell Beauty. There, Beauty is worked until he is practically dead, and Ginger does die.

Beauty is bought by a kind farmer and his grandson. Together, they nurse Beauty back to health and eventually sell him to a family that recognizes him as Squire Gordon's prized horse.

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What are four main events in Black Beauty?

Anna Sewell's classic, Black Beauty, is a novel that advocates for the humane treatment of animals, especially the horse. Therefore, the main events of Beauty's life center upon his fortunes and mistortunes that point to the cruel acts of humans. Here are five examples from which you can choose:

1.  After Beauty is grown and trained, lives an idyllic lif.  He proves his mettle one night during a storm when he refuses to cross a bridge.  John the handler discovers that the bridge is broken in the middle and they would have been gravely injured had Beauty not sensed danger.

2. John Manley, the coachman at Birtwick rides Beauty to fetch the doctor for Mrs. Gordon, but when he returns, hot from the franctic ride, he is nearly killed after Joe Green lets him drink cold water.

3.  Beauty is sold to Earls Hall Park. The stablehand, Reuben Smith gets drunk and takes Beauty on a dangerous ride.  Beauty loses a shoe and damages his foot; under the pain, the horse falls  with great force. When Beauty heals his knees are blemished, so he is sold to a master of a livery stable.

4.  After suffering under the reins of drivers who know little, Beauty is finally purchased by the kind London cab driver, Jerry Barker for whom he works for four years until Jerry's health deteriorates and he can no longer drive. Beauty drives a poor woman and her young son to a hospital one day. Beauty has occasion to see poor Ginger who is made to pull heaviy loads.  One day he observes a cart with a dead horse in it that appears to be Ginger.

5. After being sold to a corn dealer and then another cruel owner, Nicholas Skinner; Beauty is so overworked that he is pulled down. A farrier sees that Beauty still has wind, but is too weak to work, so he tells the owner to take Beauty to a horse fair.  There a kind farmer named Thoroughgood, and he and his grandson take Beauty home.  They restore Beauty's health and sell him to Ellen and Lavinia Blomfield.  Joe, who works for them, recognizes Black Beauty and tells the ladies; afterwards, Beauty remains with them and lives happily.

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