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Chapter 42 Summary

The Election

One afternoon Polly comes to the yard and tells her husband that someone was here today asking about his vote and wanting to hire his cab for the election. He will call again for Jerry’s answer, but Jerry already knows what he will say. He tells Polly to tell the man that his cab will be “otherwise engaged” on election day. He has no interest in having his cab plastered with large advertisements and driving to inns to pick up half-drunk voters. Such behavior is an insult to his horses, and Jerry refuses to do it.

Polly asks if her husband will vote for the man, for they share some of the same politics. He will not, Jerry tells her, for the man’s trade is repugnant to him and he cannot in good conscience help get him elected to make laws which will affect working men. The man may be angered by this, but Jerry believes each man must do what he thinks is best for his country.

The morning before the election, Jerry is putting Jack into the shafts of the cab when Dolly comes into the yard crying. Her pretty blue dress and white pinafore are splattered with mud. Her father asks what happened, and she explains some boys called her a...

(The entire section is 430 words.)