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Chapter 20 Summary

Joe Green

Joe Green is learning quickly; he is attentive and careful in his work. John now trusts him with many tasks, but the boy is small and does not regularly care for or ride either Black Beauty or Ginger. One day John is out with Justice when the master needs a note delivered to a gentleman who lives about three miles away. He instructs Joe to saddle Black Beauty and ride him carefully to the gentleman’s house.

They deliver the note without incident. On their way home, they see a cart laden with bricks which has gotten stuck in the mud. As they approach the scene, the driver is shouting at the horses and beating them mercilessly. It is a sad sight; the horses strain and sweat, trying without success to pull the cart from the mud while the man continues to swear at them and beat them brutally.

Joe tries to reason with the man, but he does not stop, telling the boy to mind his own business. It is clear the man has been drinking; caught up in his anger and frustration, he will not listen. Joe turns Black Beauty toward Mr. Clay's house, and they move with greater haste than the master would approve of, to be sure; however, both horse and rider are eager to put a stop to the man’s abusive behavior.

Mr. Clay, the brickmaker, is a friend of the Squire. When Joe arrives at his door, Mr. Clay wonders if Joe has brought a message from him. Joe explains what is happening in his brickyard, and Mr. Clay immediately prepares to go to the scene. He asks Joe...

(The entire section is 560 words.)