The Black Arrow Characters

  • Sir Daniel Brackley, a villainous knight who fights on both sides of the Wars of the Roses.
  • Richard "Sick" Shelton, the orphan son of Sir Harry Shelton.
  • Joanna Medley, the orphaned heiress of Kettley.
  • Lord Foxham, Joanna's legal guardian.

Characters Discussed

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Sir Daniel Brackley

Sir Daniel Brackley, a villainous knight who fights on both sides during the fifteenth century Wars of the Roses. He adds to his own lands by becoming the guardian of children orphaned by war. He is killed by Ellis Duckworth.

Richard Shelton

Richard Shelton, called Dick, the orphaned son of Sir Harry Shelton of the Moat House estates. Sir Daniel is suspected of murdering Sir Harry in order to become the boy’s guardian. After many difficulties, Dick marries Joanna Sedley.

Joanna Sedley

Joanna Sedley, the orphaned heiress of Kettley, intended by Sir Daniel as a wife for Dick. She first meets Dick while disguised as a boy. Held prisoner by Sir Daniel, she is almost forced into marriage with Lord Shoreby, but at the church he is slain by a black arrow.

Lord Foxham

Lord Foxham, Joanna’s legal guardian and the enemy of Sir Daniel.

Alicia Risingham

Alicia Risingham, Joanna’s friend, the niece of a powerful Lancastrian lord.

Lord Shoreby

Lord Shoreby, who tries to force Joanna to marry him.

Richard of York

Richard of York, the Duke of Gloucester. He is saved from bandits by Dick, whom he knights after the Battle of Shoreby, in which the Lancastrians are defeated.

The Earl of Risingham

The Earl of Risingham, the judge of Dick and Lawless when they are denounced by Sir Oliver Oates.

Nick Appleyard

Nick Appleyard, a veteran of Agincourt, killed at Moat House by a black arrow.

Bennet Hatch

Bennet Hatch, Sir Daniel’s bailiff at Moat House.

Sir Oliver Oates

Sir Oliver Oates, Sir Daniel’s clerk, who is accused by the outlaws of causing the death of Sir Harry Shelton.

Ellis Duckworth

Ellis Duckworth, who was ruined by Sir Daniel and is now the leader of a band of outlaws. He calls himself


John (Jon) Amend-All, and uses only black arrows for weapons. Eventually he kills his enemy, Sir Daniel.

Will Lawless

Will Lawless, one of the outlaws and a friend of Dick. He finally takes orders and dies a friar.

Themes and Characters

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