(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

Archeologist Callie Dunbrook and her ex-husband Jake are the co-leaders on an archeological dig in Maryland, where their work has prevented developer Ron Dolan from building houses. After Suzanne Cullen tells her that she believes Callie is her stolen baby, she visits her parents’ home, where she finds documents that convince her that she is not only adopted but perhaps is Suzanne’s missing child. With the help of attorney Lana Campbell, Callie soon discovers that she is indeed Suzanne’s daughter and that she also may be one of several stolen babies who were then sold to wealthy couples. Since Suzanne owns a national bakery company, her relationship to Callie is made public.

After Callie and Jake hire additional workers, Ron Dolan is murdered at the site. Despite the murder and an apparent attempt on Callie’s life, work proceeds. Callie unearths a mother and child at the dig, leaving her to probe beneath layers not only to discover information about the people at the site, but also to determine lawyer Marcus Carlyle’s involvement in the baby theft scheme. Despite trips to Boston and Virginia, the trail turns cold. However, there are more attempts on Callie’s life, and one of the young workers is killed.

Carlyle’s granddaughter Dory, a worker on the dig, kidnaps both sets of Callie’s parents and attempts to kill both mothers, but Callie and Jake rescue them. And finally, having alternately fought and made love throughout the novel, Callie and Jake are brought together once again because their divorce was never finalized. In the end romances are renewed, new families are formed, and old secrets revealed.