Historical Context

The Cold War
Soon after World War II when Russian leader Joseph Stalin set up satellite communist states in Eastern...

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The Birds Literary Style

Du Maurier uses the setting to reinforce a sense of menace. Her descriptions of the weather and the elements...

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The Birds Literary Techniques

Obviously, du Maurier’s story of supernatural events and almost unbearable suspense relies most heavily on its author's great talent for...

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The Birds Ideas for Group Discussions

‘‘The Birds’’ is a disturbing story of suspense that never provides its readers with a resolution. Generic suspense tales bring tidy...

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The Birds Social Concerns

Since du Maurier's short story ‘‘The Birds’’ never fully resolves itself and since it contains no explanation for the birds’ attack...

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The Birds Compare and Contrast

  • 1950s: Fear of a Russian attack with nuclear bombs prompts Americans and Europeans to build air raid shelters and...

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The Birds Topics for Further Study

  • Alfred Hitchcock based his film version of ‘‘The Birds’’ in part on two separate incidents in California when large groups of...

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The Birds Literary Precedents

Du Maurier’s clearest American predecessor is poet and short story writer Edgar Allen Poe. Like du Maurier, his stories narrate...

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The Birds Related Titles

The other stories in the collection in which ‘‘The Birds’’ appears explore similar themes related to nature’s power to confound....

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The Birds Adaptations

Alfred Hitchcock adapted ‘‘The Birds’’ to film in 1963. The film worked from a screenplay written by Evan Hunter that made...

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The Birds Media Adaptations

  • Alfred Hitchcock directed and produced The Birds for Universal Pictures in 1963. Evan Hunter wrote the screenplay based on du...

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The Birds What Do I Read Next?

  • Emily Brontë's Wuthering Heights (1847), a tale of love and death on the moors of Yorkshire, has...

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The Birds Bibliography and Further Reading

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