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“As Birds Bring Forth the Sun” is a story about how a gray old dog and its master generate a myth for the master’s family. The narrator does not mention the specific names of the characters. However, he refers to the characters as follows:

The man lives by the ocean with his family and owns a huge gray dog. He supports his large family through farming and fishing. The man gets killed by six dogs that were in the company of the huge gray dog.

The man had several sons, and among them were the two who were fishing with him when he got killed by the dogs. The two boys do not recover from the shock, and the younger one commits suicide after having nightmares about the dog. The elder of the two sons drowned his memories in alcohol, and at forty years old, he was killed by a group of seven gray-haired men outside a Glasgow pub.

The narrator is the great-great-great-grandchild of the man who was killed by the dogs.

The narrator’s father is ill and admitted to a Toronto hospital. The narrator and his five brothers are at his bedside in the hospital.

The narrator's brother are five in number and are all by their father’s hospital bed in the Toronto hospital where he is admitted.

The man used to refer to the dog as Cu mor glas, which means “the big gray dog” in Gaelic. The dog disappears just before her puppies are born and gets reunited with the man on an island where he had gone to take refuge from the storm. Unfortunately, the big gray dog was in the company of six other gray dogs, who killed the man.