In detail describe the process by which clostridium difficile reproduces?

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Clostridium difficile is a species of bacteria found in the intestines that is not useful in any way. These bacteria can form endospores when conditions in general are not right for the survival of bacteria. This allows them to survive harsh conditions. When the environment improves the bacteria come out of the non-vegetative state that they had gone into and flourish.

Clostridium difficile reproduces by a process known as binary fission. First, the strand of DNA in the bacterial cell starts to replicate. This is followed by the bacterial cell elongating. As this happens the two strands of DNA move to opposite ends of the cell. There is then a creation of a cell wall that divides the single cell into two cells with the same DNA structure as that of the original bacterial cell. The reproduction of the bacteria is as shown a process of cloning that doubles the number of bacteria.

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