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Think about an event you think would add to the play's message. Then write an additional scene for the play, imitating Simon's style and humor.

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Conduct research to find out about the racial and ethnic makeup of the U.S. Army during World War II. How does it differ from today's army? Write a few paragraphs comparing and contrasting the two armies.

Wykowski is a blatant bigot. How might Eugene have better responded to him, if he were participating in life instead of merely witnessing it? Write a monologue in which Eugene expresses his true feelings for Wykowski and his bigotry.

Do you agree with Eugene's assessment that he should have stood up for Arnold against Wykowski? Should the other men have stood up for Arnold even though they are not Jewish? Explain your answer.

Homosexuality is one of the important issues raised in the play. In recent years, the question of whether or not gays should serve in the military has created political divisions. Find out about the status of gays in the military today. Write a paragraph explaining the recent policy changes that have taken place about this subject.

One of Simon's defining characteristics is his humor. Imagine that Biloxi Blues was strictly a drama. Rewrite one of the scenes of the play as a drama instead of a comedy.

Read either Brighton Beach Memoirs or Broadway Bound. Compare Eugene's character in either of these plays with his character in Biloxi Blues. Which Eugene do you like better? Why?

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