Billy Budd Chapter 25 Questions and Answers
by Herman Melville

Billy Budd book cover
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Chapter 25 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Which deck on a warship is most exposed to the elements?

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2. Where is Billy held pursuant to the execution?

3. What is Billy’s demeanor as he awaits his execution?

4. What are the chaplain’s thoughts about Billy as he observes him sleeping?

5. Why does the chaplain return in the early morning?

6. What does Billy think about death?

7. In what way is Billy like a barbarian?

8. What is Billy’s response to the chaplain?

9. Why does the chaplain kiss Billy on the cheek?

10. Why does the chaplain not lift a finger to help Billy?

1. The upper gun deck is the one most exposed to the elements and the weather.

2. Billy is held on the upper gun deck to await execution.

3. Billy is as serene and peaceful as an innocent child.

4. The chaplain realizes that he has nothing to offer Billy that can soothe him, since Billy has already attained inner peace.

5. The chaplain wishes to impart to Billy an understanding of death.

6. Although he understands that he is about to die, Billy has absolutely no fear.

7. Like a barbarian, Billy is closer to unadulterated Nature. Billy also looks like the Angles, barbarian converts to Christianity.

8. Billy is attentive and polite, although he does not fully comprehend what the chaplain is saying.

9. The chaplain comprehends that despite his crime, Billy is a morally good man.

10. The chaplain is conflicted—he is both in the spiritual service of God and in the employ of the British navy.