Billy Budd Chapters 15-18 Summary and Analysis

Herman Melville

Chapters 15-18 Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
The Afterguardsman: a mysterious figure who tries to inveigle Billy into participating in a mutinous intrigue

Red Pepper: a forecastleman who asks Billy about the commotion in the forechains

The Armorer and the Captain of the Hold: two minor officers who begin to take note of Billy

A few days after the spilled soup incident, an even more troubling event occurs.

Billy is awakened from sleep by a touch and a “quick whisper,” by a shadowed person whom Billy cannot discern. He is instructed to go to the sheltered forechains, for “there is something in the wind.” Loath to say “no” to anyone, Billy does as he is told.


(The entire section is 856 words.)