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Topics for Further Study

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Among the books that you have read, is there one that you think would fit in the Bildungsroman classification? Explain why it is a Bildungsroman, citing its characteristic features.

Research the sociopolitical climate of Germany in 1795 and then describe how this climate may or may not have influenced the birth of the Bildungsroman genre.

List several German authors and their works that continued the tradition of the Bildungsroman in their country in the nineteenth and/or twentieth centuries.

Find an example of a Bildungsroman in a culture not traditionally associated with the genre, e.g., a Japanese, Indian, or Chinese work, and explain how this work is a version of the Bildungsroman in that culture.

Explain how the Bildungsroman is similar to a psychological novel or a picaresque. Provide definitions of the genres and give examples of representative works.

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